Ballsy Bull

280 x 170 x 80cm

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A bull market refers to generally beneficial economic conditions. It means that a market is on the rise and is also usually accompanied by positive investor sentiments in regards to the current uptrend.
The bull became a symbol of financial markets through the years, and you can spot the famous bronze statue “Charging Bull” around the Financial District of Wall Street, Manhattan.

In 2022 a bull statue was displayed during the Miami Bitcoin Conference. It resembled the Charging Bull but was made with mechanical parts to symbolize technology over old finance.
However the artist Furio Tedeschi forgot the anatomical parts of the bull (then tried to please public opinion by telling some neutral gender bull-shit excuses for the mistake).

Our bull is covered with the code of the white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto and has of course orange balls.
Because bitcoin is the most bullish technology that was ever invented in the history on human kind.