is a drug

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This is an original poster “Bitcoin is a drug”.
Bitcoin became the honey badger of money, the internet’s ultimate snake-eating. Honey badger is an animal species found in the African and Asian continents. This small sized animal actually is a fearless animal who does not care and  when threatened often confronts bigger and dangerous animals like Lions or cheetahs. And more often than not, it is able to ward off the danger by it's aggressive behavior.

Bitcoin, an open source system controlled by no one that lets you store and transmit money without the big banks and credit card companies. I always found this anecdote to be a good conversation starter, especially when you want to introduce cryptocurrencies to your audience.Your dad told me you are a crypto lover, I am sure you will make good use of it.I

 hope you’re gonna love this present as much as I do put love in the art I am doing. I do believe that “Images create culture. Culture shapes the values. And the values are the ones that are going to influence the future”.