El Salvador

Ongoing project

The country currently enjoys a period of relative security and social peace and is on a revolutionary economic trajectory. Paso a Paso we will help salvadorenos reappropriate and enjoy their long abandoned public spaces through urban and public art interventions, Paso a Paso we will contribute to the rise and growth of a new bitcoin based economy, Paso a Paso we will carve a new path bringing social and economic justice orange pill after orange pill.

Paso a Paso

Paso a Paso is a public art project carried out in El Salvador by Satoshi Gallery in order to support the country’s recent policies of economic liberty aimed at raising its population out of poverty and healing its plagued economic and social fabric by incentivising CBI (citizenship by investment) and attracting foreign capital and virtuous investments in the field of cryptocurrency. As champions of the positive social effects a bitcoin based economy can have on disenfranchised countries and populations we support the courageous, independent, young and new policies of El Salvador.

The first project of Paso a Paso consists in a monumental size mural depicting President Nayib Bukele in the traditional bitcoin colour scheme and it is a stepping stone to a larger series of guerrilla art initiatives in El Salvador and throughout Latin America.

Art is a very good thing for communities to have access to, it is a tool of therapy because it reminds you of good values.Street art is important because it is in front of people where they live, it can inspire them for good every day.Old ideas crumbled and a new generation is called to remake the country based on the bitcoin protocol.El Salvador is living a Renaissance 2.0 that is inspiring people around the world to believe in a fundamental human right: financial freedom.The attitude of believing in technology, looking forward, investing in the future is driving the country to radical change where every citizen is called to be active. We can change the world. Paso a paso.

The murales has started Sunday 17th September 2023.


the Location

Calle Zacamil, San Salvador


On September 7th 2021 President Nayib Bukele made bitcoin legal tender. He has been orange pilled and embraced this peaceful financial revolution that will change El Salvador for good.
Under his leadership El Salvador is living a Renaissance 2.0 that is inspiring people around the world to believe in a fundamental human right: financial freedom. He took a leap into the future, fueled by open mindness and systemic thinking.  He flipped his country with a shield against inflation, a ticket to peace, a key to freedom. He chose bitcoin.
Fix the money, fix the state. 

We decided that was a good idea support these efforts by an iconic image of the President with a color palette that includes the national flag colors and the bitcoin orange color to valorize this new bound.

This image has been chosen to be the icon of our narrative and from here we have started our adventure in El Salvador... Paso a Paso.

Guerrilla tools

Here you can download, print and cut your stencils
to create artworks and share it with the hashtag #pasoapaso


The Torogoz is El Salvador national symbol and it s a bird that doesn’t live in captivity, so it symbolizes freedom. 

During the creation of our first book for kids entitled "To the Moon - The origin of Bitcoin" we thought that was a great idea to include this little bird in the section about volcanoes. In fact El Salvador is rich of volcanoes and this bird populates the surrounding forests.

But even better idea was to make the Torogoz wearing a cap same as the President Nayib Bukele who brought financial freedom to his country by adopting bitcoin as legal tender.