September 7-11, 2023
Lugano, Switzerland

Experience the Ultimate Festival in Lugano: Europe's Web3 Wonderland

The biggest NFT event in Europe. 5 days to experience the decentralized revolution. A place where culture, entertainment, and technology merge for a unique experience. 100 speakers, dozens of workshops, a business area. One-to-one meetings with entrepreneurs, managers, investors, developers and creators. And of course, at the end of each day... there's a party! This is not your parents' NFT event. This is NFTs in Lugano, where the future is being built and where the rules are being broken. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today, and join the revolution!

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At the Lugano NFT Fest, Valentina Picozzi brings some of her iconic works to Villa Ciani, which for this occasion will also be declined as NFTs associated with the admission tickets. Thus, upon entering the NFT Fest you will receive an NFT (unique piece) depicting Valentina's famous "B-sign."

The "B-sign" is inspired by Andy Warhol's famous "Dollar sign," which in the 1960s made an icon of American popular culture, a sign that could signify success, celebrity, and glamour. But what would new generations choose today? Would they represent themselves with the weak, constantly inflated dollar sign or with the Bitcoin sign, capable of bringing innovation and hope to the world?

On the first floor of Villa Ciani, you will find an entire room dedicated to our exhibition project specially designed for this extraordinary occasion. Along with some of the artist's best-known artworks, we will have the pleasure of presenting more recent works, produced during the last year and particularly important in the practice of the artist, who, through her activism, stimulates curiosity by creating captivating works oriented towards the creation of a movement capable of being an expression of society and the collective imagination.

See you in Lugano!

B Sign

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