hoDL SmaRt KiDs ?

HODL is the educational project related to “To the Moon©”.

HODL intent is to provide to the new generations a funny and smart way to learn and stimulate their skills.
By means of books, apps, videos and games we want to offer a solid playground for our kids to grow in the evolving crypto scenario and give them the tools to be part of the future. 

WhY hoDL ?

The term “HODL” first appeared in an online cryptocurrency forum in 2013 as a misspelling of the word “hold” — a typo that readers quickly embraced. HODL, or “Hold On for Dear Life,” is now a widely known concept in the crypto community that refers to the strategy of not selling your digital assets, even amid extreme price changes in the market. And given Bitcoin's latest bout of volatility, HODL remains relevant until these days.

We decided to use the word HODL as a reminder that to learn and be successful we pass through mistakes.

Let our kids enjoy the process in this journey with Alfie, Mr. Bitcoin and the crazy scientist Satoshi; they will guide you through a world of experiences and games that will make your skills go to the Moon!

WherE to FinD hoDL publications?

At the moment "HODL Smart Kids©" is available only as a preview in the HARD COVER SPECIAL EDITION of our first book "To the Moon - The origin of Bitcoin". 


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