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Bitcoin culture and philosophy

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05 Jun Bitcoin culture and philosophy

Close your eyes and think about bitcoin.
What do your mind come up to?
Many of you will think about the orange logo, right?
But bitcoin is much more than an uppercase B with two lines passing through it.

There are several anecdotes that can be related to its story, its philosophy.
From a technical point of view bitcoin is still an hard topic for non-tech people 
to get, that's where I came to the idea of describing from a different prespective: art.
Art is great in bridging the gap between geeks/hackers/developers and everyday people, 
because it helps in sparking people's curiosity.

Through centuries, art has served as a key of interpretation and understanding 
"what is out there".
I think artists need to lead the way on educating the public about the crypto world 
and what's behind bitcoin, to better understand it or at least approaching it 
in an easier way.

So here I am, exploring something really technical/mathematical with creativity.
My works of this art section are about images/sentences related to the bitcoin culture.

Being born in the internet era I do consider myself as a "son of a bit" 
(or a daughter in my case ;-P ) and with a "chip heart".
I do think that in a society where you must "be digital", governments main issue should 
be to educate people to use these technologies and so they should "Teach Tech" (TEaCH). 
What are going to be problems related to the adopion of cryptocurrencies? Here you have 
a girl crying for having lost her private key (a private key is a secret number that 
allows bitcoin to be spent).

Bitcoin first application has been to be seen as currency, as the money of internet 
- and the internet of money.
I love to hear bitcoin traders chatting when the price goes "to the moon", and I made a 
chart where you can see how their exlamations changes in relation to the price.
Why pizza is related to Bitcoin? Because the first bitcoin transaction was made with 
10.000 bitcoins (40$ at that time) for two pizzas at Papa John's. It was May 22nd 2010, 
also known as "the pizza day".