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Hello, we are Satoshigallery!


03 Feb Hello, we are Satoshigallery!

Hello, we are Satoshigallery!

…and we are here to make it easier for people to understand the Bitcoin awesomeness
through images, art and cool bitwear.

We started Satoshigallery in 2015 with one idea: let’s make Bitcoin cooler from an iconographic point of view, in order to reach more people and help them embracing Bitcoin values.

We love the concept, the philosophy of Bitcoin so much that we want everybody to understand the magic behind it.
Bitcoin is not just a currency, currency is just the first app.”
Bitcoin must be viewed from a different perspective to the general public, we have to spark people’s curiosity, open their minds and help them approaching in an easier way.

It’s a difficult task, especially when the Bitcoin logo is an orange uppercase “B” with two vertical bars going through it.

That’s why we need art.
Because we need to bridge the gap between technical developers/experts/insiders and everyday people – even if they don’t fully understand the tech (who does anyway?) – who deserve to know that there is something amazing going on for  humankind, that can free us all from banks and institutions, and can connect the entire world just in one click.

A daughter of a bit