An inside look to the "Screaming George Washington" project - Satoshi Gallery
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13 Aug An inside look to the “Screaming George Washington” project

Interview with the Bitcoin Artist Valentina Picozzi

Q. What is the inspiration behind your project ‘The Screaming George Washington’?
History plays a major role in selecting characters for my work. My process is one of deconstructing then reconstructing imagery to take something historical and make it contemporary.
I’ve always approached my work with the intent of speaking from a Pop perspective. Personally, I’d like to think Pop Art is art with a message just using familiar pre-existing popular imagery to convey such a message. Historically, Pop Art has been about statements, which were kind of a reaction to what was already going on within society.
The one dollar bill is a symbol of our society and Andy Warhol was using it in his paintings in the 60’s. From 1960, however, the buying power of the dollar over time collapsed: the cumulative rate of inflation is more than 700% ! That means if you purchased an item in 1960 for one dollar, the same item now would cost you more than 8$!
That’s why I made the paintings with George Washington screaming.

Q. Share with us your process of creating this artwork, from the choose of colors and techniques to the execution and finally to completion.
I love primary colors, so you will always find them in my paintings.
The technique is a mix of acrylics and screenprinting on canvas.



Q. Who is the target of this artwork?
My target is a clever audience. You need to have some economic basis in order to understand some of the meanings behind my works.
People are not educated to economic matters because is easier to govern an ignorant country. I think that images are easier to understand than speeches, that’s why art can spark people’s curiosity around tough topics like the economic ones.
Moreover I am really attracted to intelligence, that’s why I love conceptual art: I love to have the spectator using the brain to understand “what’s behind”.