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06 Aug Satoshigallery collection now on

Hey guys we are happy to announce that the White Alpaca is landed on!

A selected collection of Satoshigallery branded items are now available on

What you will find there?
Well, the best bitcoin t-shirts in the world, of course branded Satoshigallery 😀
Probably you already know our ethical values and why our t-shirts are so special but just in case here are some of the reasons that make us proud of them:

  • 100% certified organic cotton: we only use low impact 100% certified organic cotton
  • Screen-printing with green ink: to give you a better print quality, a more durable and clear image than with DTG printing. We strongly urge the use of ink types and printing processes with a low environmental impact, without phthalates or aromatic solvents, non-PVC, water-based, compliant with environmental and organic standards.
  • Meaningful design: each of our t-shirt has a unique story behind its creation and its design has been accurately studied.

But that’s not all!


After a long period of researches and hard work we have now opened to the public our crypto art gallery.
Different pictures realised with multiple and unique techniques, posters, photographs and neon, signed by the artist Valentina Picozzi, are available.

Let have a look at our selected collection on and support our work. How? Just telling us what you think, your feedback are really important for us. And if you like something on sale no one will stop you 😀