(son of a bit since 2008)

Satoshigallery is an artistic project curated by Valentina Picozzi.
She fell in love with Bitcoin in early 2012 and since then she has been working as an activist artist.
Driven by the idea that “images create culture, culture shapes values, values determine the future”, Satoshigallery has the aim of connecting people to bitcoin and its culture through art and iconography.

The project focuses the attention on two main themes:
1) promoting the history, anecdotes and philosophy behind bitcoin (the values of freedom and privacy embedded in the cyberpunk movement)
2) a critical stance towards the banking industry, the current financial situation, the currency wars and the disintegration of the fiat system as a store of value.

In 2020 Valentina got in contact with Martin Winkler for an artistic project related to NFTs. A solid collaboration has started and Satoshigallery became a copyrighted brand.
Since then Satoshigallery continues to evolve and form artistic and educational partnerships.

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